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Kids Ultimate Finger Painting

The most feature rich Android drawing app, sure to keep your kids busy in a edutained and productive way!

The ultimate feature rich kids drawing program, sure to keep the kids occupied active on a road trips or while waiting for your food at a restaurant. Select background color and orientation for your childs new Da Vinci masterpiece, Load and paint on images and photos already saved on sd-card, Paint on the included drawing templates - Loading images or templates will auto rotate to portrait or landscape to match orientation and scale to match screen size, Save to sd-card with kid friendly auto-naming feature, Many drawing brushes and sizes; Dots, continuous free style, lines, triangles, rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles, stars, a colorful morphing shape that can be tweaked by easy sliders to many shapes such as crosses, to snowflakes, to flowers, plus paint bucket fill. Specify pen thickness, shape size, whether to automatically fill shapes, select and change color palette, plus select pen style from ordinary solid, to hue cycle, palette cycle and random color. Auto-save on exit and resume on re-entry. Undo drawing mistakes, or on change your mind. Tons of drawing possiblities and hours of fun! Ad based free version.

List of features

  • Load and save images, photos and templates
  • Kid friendly auto-naming saving feature
  • Lots of shapes; Draw dots, continuous freestyle, lines, triangles, rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles, stars, and a changeable shape from crosses, to snowflakes and flowers
  • Fill shapes with current color and style
  • Use sliders to set pen thickness and shape size, and toggle auto filling shapes
  • Select color or change your palette
  • Select between styles; Solid, hue cycling, palette cycling or random color
  • Several undo levels to redo drawing mistakes
  • Auto saves artwork on app exit
  • Auto load drawing on app re-entry after having hit 'Home' key

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